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Data, Your Edge to Beating the Competition! Intelligent Media Buying

T's Column Intelligent Media Buying AdvanceEx Custom Audience Creation

As a digital media executive, I think of a question that we should all ask ourselves is, what value do I bring to my clients and their campaigns!

The current digital media landscape is dominated by a few massive tech giants, with highly robust and scalable platforms.

Here are a few points to think about on a macro level. If agency #1, agency #2, agency #3 are all using the same platforms and targeting to run client campaigns, they are all essentially playing in the same audience pools.

Campaign data is being used to enrich platform audience segments that your clients’ competitors are also buying, therefore driving up category level competition and pricing.

If a new nimble marketer uses category targeting, are they directly benefiting from previous clients marketing investments and spend? This has come to a point whereby several global advertisers are now contractually operating in walled data gardens on some platforms to prevent this.

Off the shelf, platform targeting is pretty much ‘Same, Same’ for everyone then? So what can you do to make it ‘Different?’

The key is input. The more unique data can onboard to the campaign, the more the campaign modeling will move away from the off the shelf standard platform campaign.

In this digital data age, we see strong moves by agencies, telcos, large advertisers, publishers all aligning strategies to support the use of data-driven marketing with their own tech stacks.

create custom audience with hotmob data for intelligent media buying
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Custom Audience Creation is the key to giving your campaigns and advertisers an edge on the run of the mill campaigns.

Not all clients are at the point of being able to do this in-house, but finding a reputable partner that can assist you is easy.

Every day, Hotmob is assisting media buyers to create on-demand audiences by blending their essential first-party data, isolating the desired audience attributes and amplifying that segment into a marketable audience.

It’s even possible to assess where those audiences are to be found.

All this is actioned pre-campaign ⎼ no guesswork is required!

Hotmob adheres to strict enterprise level data privacy practices and customer data silos. 

Contact our data experts on how to give your campaigns a truly competitive edge.

(Data enrichment is a process used to enhance, validate and update marketing data to ensure validity and completeness. Hotmob Limited (Hotmob) collects and receives marketing data from Internet networks for use of our Client (any party who directly subscribed to Hotmob Data Enrichment Services (Services)).

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