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How Chatbot becomes a catalyst in your marketing strategies?

How Chatbot becomes a catalyst in your marketing strategies? banner by Hotmob

Chatbot seems like one of the hottest buzzwords in recent years. What is that? What potential can be dug into this sexy technology by marketers in digital industry? Let it answer your questions.

🔥 : You       🤖 : Hotbot

🔥 : Hi?

🤖 : Hi! I’m Hotbot. 🔥 My friends and I are automated computer programmes to mimic a conversation between people.

🔥 : Where can I find you?

🤖 : Mainly message software! 💬 Like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Text Messages, and so on.

🔥 : And what do you do?

🤖 : Bots can naturally interact with humans.💃  We’re here to solve your problems, like informing live weather ⛈ or recommend ideas of life hacks 🎒, etc.

🔥 : So why are you becoming so popular in the digital industry?

🤖 : Coz we can benefit every marketer as a handy assistant! 🌟 From simple customer service on social media, and tracking purchasing patterns and data analysis, to ad and e-mail personalisation, we can do it all for you.💪🏻

🔥 : What’s more?

🤖 : It’s like the micro-moments in customer journeys!🏃🏻  Let’s say when audience has interests in a branded skincare products, we can provide a 24/7 service on answering their doubts, and introducing them more with other mediums like videos and carousel ads. 🤖 This absolutely increases the interaction and satisfaction between them and the brand. ✅ The data monitored from consumers can be delineated as new insights for strategic optimisation in the future, as well as retargeting and personalised e-mails and ads for other product series.

🔥 : I think marketers are surely fond of that. Hey, is there anything about chatbots, other than sales and marketing?

🤖 : Ya. I just met some new friends via Sanuker! Horoscope Bot can let you know your zodiac sign and luck every day through offering daily horoscope. 🔮  With Cantonese Bot, you can learn Cantonese by sending you translation whenever you enter any words. 🉐  Even you can find the nearest ATM thanks to ATM Locator Bot. 💲  You can see more from there.

🔥 : That’s brilliant! Lemme check them out now. Chao, Hotbot! 🔥

🤖 : See ya!

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