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Location-based Push Notifications Available on Storellet

Storellet cover - member of GT Group

Push notifications are probably one of the most useful functions of mobile apps. Some would consider push notifications to be spammy and not delivering based on the user’s needs or interests.

A study on mobile app reveals that 68% of users enable push notifications for the apps they download. Such app behavior is particularly favorable to young consumers between age 18 to 34.

Local food and beverage reward app Storellet, apart from developing a  unified membership system for various restaurants and shops, push notifications are often used to promote good deals from affiliated restaurants.

Terry Chan, Storellet’s Chief Digital Officier added, “Nowadays, customers installed multiple apps on their mobiles but not all apps serve the needs of the members. As a result, we utilize location data and offer relevant coupons or send promotional messages from advertisers when members are nearby or active in particular areas. For example, our member will get notification from Nara Thai when they are active in Shatin New Town Plaza because they have a restaurant there.”

Storellet push notification example

Similarly, brands can take advantage of push notification and acquire new customers through this channel based on location data. Whether it is about shopping sales or event promotions, it is convenient and effective way to catch the nearby potential customers in time. Most importantly, marketers can measure the effectiveness of push notification by adding a QR code coupon or even a redemption code. 

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Storellet is available on: iOS / Android

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