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Audiences, Audiences Everywhere But None Like Here

As the leading mobile marketer, Hotmob understands that putting media budget to good use would be the key consideration for all marketers and media buyers when doing media planning. Taking into account of gaining access to Hotmob Prime Ad Network would ensure its digital campaigns running under Brandsafe Premium environments and gain outstanding campaign performance.

In order to further amplify campaign performance, Hotmob offers Audience Targeting as a value-added service to strategically cater to the market needs. It is believe that with a more audience-driven approach would greatly help marketers and media buyers to reach ever more relevant audiences and improve campaign performance and increasing its ROI.

Hotmob has invested resources in developing a market leading audience data hub coupled with Machine Learning and Audience Intelligence. Hong Kong boasts an impressive total base of 18.27 million mobile subscribers and Hotmob reflects a cumulative reach of 17 million mobile devices which ensures a rock solid campaign coverage.

Marketers and media buyers may leverage over 2,300 rule based and 150 algorithm based audience segmentation which Hotmob have created from local audience data for media planning. Audience Segment targeting involves selecting interest categories that are relevant to your target audience, such as auto enthusiasts, foodies, movie lovers, or sport fans and so on.

The difference between Hotmob and the rest of the offerings out there on the market is huge, custom audience creation is our biggest demand right now, followed by competitor audience creation.

Should you wish to move your digital marketing to the next level, let us know by leaving your email in the form below. We promise that our dedicated data team will get in touch with you very soon

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