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There has been some talk of the app market decline in the west. I guess this is because the revenues that they were once generating is decreasing.
I can point to the changes in business models, think initial app cost, freemium version and in app purchases, and this is all to go against the initial, then ongoing development costs.
So yes, lifetime value of a user is going to become important.
It takes considerable time and resources to build a good app in any sector, and even more know how on a smart monetisation programme that isn’t going to degrade the experience that attracted the user in the first place.
In general the market is now dominated by 2 main developer countries, the US and China, now this makes sense as they have the greatest populations, but that also makes it difficult for small developers to grab attention and exposure in the app stores despite small successes like flappy bird…
Now, talking specifically about gaming apps…(not gambling)
They are huge… globally the number 1 market for gaming apps is china roughly projected to be worth 30 Billion USD for 2017 (up from 25 Billion in 2016) and split roughly down the middle for pc and mobile.
So seeing that all this is generating such huge revenues is it no wonder that, Tencent just announced a Q2 profit jump of 70% as more gamers now play on smartphones than on computers.
So smart moves by Google to announce the move to Universal App Campaigns.
We all use apps and they aren’t going to go away anytime soon!
Now I’m off to go crush some candies… with my erm gran

*Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily those of Hotmob
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