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Explore the Synergy of Interscroller

In response to a high demand for mobile video in Hong Kong, advertisers can incorporate branded video in the new Interscroller ad format together with static or HTML creative to fully excel this impactful and user-friendly Interstitial to tell great stories.

Karen Leung, Hotmob Vice President commented: “Mobile users would find the Interscoller ad format less intrusive and more receptible to app-like format, just like a native ad.”

Developed by Celtra, the revolutionary Interscroller ad format combines the power of a high-impact Interstitial with an elegant scroll interaction to reveal brand content underneath the mobile web page.

This ad format is built responsively adapting to full screen on all devices and orientations. Branded video will be played when 90 percent of the ad unit is viewed and audio is initiated by tapping. This HTML5 creative supports mp4, mov or avi video type.

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