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Where Has the Revenue Gone?

As a publisher and ad network, Hotmob is at the forefront of the mobile publishing frontier. It has seen and felt huge changes in the industry.

Traditional media and web publishers feel that they are producing ever more contents and investing in editorial staff and site design. In stark contrast to this investment, why are ad revenues flat or in low growth at best?

The market really has moved. What have you done to adapt and how fast?

Leads have driven from efficiencies of scale and ease of buying specific audiences and inventory. All passed into all aspects of media buying as access directly follows demand.

It’s no longer just ‘the programmatic sell’ but all digital media that’s being bought in this way. It’s now part of the buying requirement and that’s the core change.

To put it simply, you can continue to sell at your brick-and-mortar, or you can also supply a stand in a supermarket. Which gives you access to more customers and scales your business quicker?

In the world of luxury retail, notorious for premium environment requirements, you see more and more global brands partnering with ecommerce platforms in the exact same manner.

Hong Kong is an amazingly adaptable market and gives huge insights if you can listen to its media heartbeat. As a publisher it’s our job to feel the pulse and do what we can to keep building our audiences and make those audiences available to advertisers.

The Hong Kong marketable audience is circa 5 million people, and those 5 million people can only generate so many views on any one day, week, month. So a publisher’s relevance on a daily basis is the access value, while the types of audiences they generate are the advertiser value.

Last year, the biggest advertising growth sector was online video, with several local app based video players winning budgets from across the board. Is it safe to say that all publishers should turn to video content production? Or what should they do to benefit from this shift in the market?

So while some publishers are asking, where has the revenue gone?

Others are congratulating themselves and saying this was a great year. Yet how can we build upon this growth?

Hotmob is a mobile publisher and transparent brand safe premium ad network, it assists publishers to make the best of their premium inventory and supports demand generation with tools and data and strategic insights.

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