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Create Custom Audiences with a Unique Data Mix

AdvanceEx Create Custom Audience with a Unique Data Mix

All marketers usually have similar goals when launching a campaign ⏤ to increase sales and optimize campaign performance! Audience targeting is one of the most commonly used marketing strategies and it is often applied in programmatic buying today and enabling marketers to reach potential customers.

AdvanceEx Custom Audience 3 Core Data Pillars

The type of audience segments available in the market are often presumed and provided only brief audience insights that could be as standardized as someone who loves yoga. In fact, marketers can use the available data from the market and the data that they owned to its advantages.

AdvanceEx is an advanced AI-driven data solution built by Hotmob. It enables advertisers and marketers to create unique and exclusive custom audience targeting for its digital campaigns.

Custom audiences are created based on a robust data strategy and supported by 3 core data pillars ⏤ advertiser data, live market data, and Hotmob’s reference database, which aggregates more than 3,000 audience segments, 12 million user profiles that are connected to 17 million corresponding mobile devices.

Create Custom Audience for Campaign

Advertisers and marketers can create its custom audiences in 3 steps,

  1. Identify your audiences
  2. Amplify target audience segments
  3. Deliver and optimize campaign

Who is interested in your products? How does AdvanceEx identify them?

Think of the characteristics and the interests of your customers. For instance, a sports fashion brand would look for someone who likes shopping and into fashion and trends. These audiences are likely to be fashion shoppers or sports lovers.

Given the campaign requirements, we use data mining method to identify the target audiences from URLs of websites based on audience interests and user digital footprints such as web browsing and purchasing behaviour. Target audiences can be also identified by geolocation based on the audience’s store visit frequency.

Based on the findings, how to get more of these target audiences and amplify your customer base?

Once the target audiences are identified, we can cluster audiences with similar interests through machine learning and lookalike modelling. This enables marketers not only able to target those who show purchase intents but to find more alike audiences and amplify the customer base.

For instance, if a large portion of sales is found to be driven from online, marketers may reach the audiences who have similar purchasing behaviour, such as online browsing first then go to the store to try out the products to complete the customer journey. Such deep analytics might not be available from general audience targeting or programmatic buying from a demand-side platform (DSP).

Deliver and optimize campaign

Now that the target audiences are known, marketers may tailor its campaign ad creative and messages based on audience insights. Once the ads are delivered to the target audiences, those audience data will be stored for each brand in our database for future campaign optimization.

Benefits of Custom Audience Creation

AdvanceEx not only helps marketers unlock the power of their data, reach its ideal customers and drive KPI metrics without contributing to platform audience pools. Marketers will be also able to uncover some unexpected or niche segments to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

✓ Customize your campaigns
✓ Amplify your customer base
✓ Create more sales
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