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A Digital Publishers Dilemma

A Digital Publishers Dilemma

Clients are buying audiences with spotlight thrown on transparency which requires brand-safe environments, notably P&G’s Keith Weed high profile public statements.

This should always be part of media requirements regardless of digital buying method (RTB, Programmatic Guaranteed, Private auction or Preferred deal or any other technical name.)

Nothing should surpass running campaigns in a clean publisher environment with the correct on target audience.

The publishers dilemma is what to do if they have a lack of data insight?

With client-side tracking, it’s easy for the advertiser and agency to assess a publisher’s on target audience.

This third party verification should be embraced as quality publishers will be highlighted and low quality publishers will be excluded and culled.

Publishers can now work with data partners to segment and overlay data onto their inventory while providing better targeting and at the same time, a stronger voice for a larger share of campaign budget.

Most large global publishers are able to either cater for this need in-house or with a global data provider.

But what about national publishers, or publishers without the technical budget or ability to activate this?

Hotmob is a data-driven marketing partner and able to support publishers with audience data from demographic overlays to user interest to spending power

Data enrichment is a process used to enhance, validate and update marketing data to ensure validity and completeness. Hotmob collects and receives marketing data from Internet networks for use of our Client

Hong Kong’s longest-running independent ad network and winner of Red Herring top 100 global ad tech companies in 2017.

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