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Your Strategy to Digital Success

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Looking back at the last 6 months, I have made a little observations from all digital businesses in the market.

I found there are strategic commonalities coming through for all digital businesses. We are not going to talk about programmatic, social media, e-commerce, branding in silos. This sort of thinking will constrain our approach into silos.

To make a ‘digital success’ happen, you will need a methodology blending with a thinking that would stand out as your strategy.

How to measure your digital success?

The most commonly used leveraging tools for e-commerce such as data analytics and tag manager would be good examples for publisher’s reference. These tools help web developers and publishers to collect and analyse user behaviours. The findings will drive the content on website or social media page and expand advertising audiences.

One might be thinking of social media, however it is only a good medium to engage and remarketing your products and services to your prime audience. A ‘Like’ or sharing a post is not a real business measurement.

What about chatbot?

Chatbot is a good medium for user data collection and it enables users to sign up for social content or commerce messages. I would say that it is measurable, actionable and more engaging than social media. As the artificial intelligence itself can push notification in a timely manner and more relevant to individual’s preferences, which makes the service valuable. So kick start and drive this with your paid digital campaign to increase brand awareness and number of sign-ups. You will be surprise!

Most e-commerce platforms in the market now have come up to speed in terms of achieving a reasonable number of transactions. Yet it lacks the level of customer services and consumer protection. Most e-commerce platforms could be integrated with a customer service chatbot for simple reassurance questions. For instance, you will see a lot of FAQs such as “Is this product in stock?”, “Is it available in blue?” or “Can I get it from a nearby store or branches?” and customers would demand for real-time feedback. A much better customer service can be achieved by integrating a chatbot instead of waiting for your CS team to respond such easily resolved enquiries.

Let’s think about how to complement different aspects of digital media to drive toward achievable goals.

Hey you have one digital strategy now right?

*Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily those of Hotmob
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