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Keep Abreast of the Mobile Moments

mobile moments correspond to different campaign objectives

Mobile moments can happen anytime, anywhere at a frequency of about 150-times a day.  The moment of waking up checking the news, dropping a quick work email while commute, browsing online for product reviews before purchase, posting a vacation photo to social page.  These are key touch points when someone pulls out a mobile device to get things done immediately.

According to Google’s study, 91 percent of smartphone users turn to their smartphones for ideas in the middle of a task.  82 percent of them check their smartphones for information about store purchases while walking in store.  This phenomenon has radically changed the consumer decision journey, and in many ways these mobile moments open up great opportunities for marketers to serve the right branded contents or ads to consumers when a need is triggered.

Mobile moments reflect personal experience such as when there is a need for help informing our choices or making decisions.  Brands and marketers will be able to shine in customer’s mobile moments if they understand the consumer journey and able to address their needs and context  with real-time relevance.

There are several major mobile moments which correspond to different campaign objectives.

  • Path-to-Purchase Moments

There are many ways for marketers to ride on these moments, such as by search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) or remarketing to drive traffic from online to an offline purchase.  The use of historical data to create a custom audience segment that comprised of users who have recently visited a store, which can surely help brands to convert opportunity into a purchase.

  • Conquest Moments

The ability to influence customer’s decision in a fiercely competitive context will be the key.  Considering that if brands can penetrate its product information into customer’s consideration set with mobile moment targeting and serve mobile ads at the right time.  Of course utilizing historical data is critical to reach consumers and knowing when they have visited a competitor’s store.

  • Awareness Moments

There are moments when consumers are not yet ready to make a purchase but might be at the time of learning about a brand or its products.  Brands can initiate consideration and build awareness by delivering mobile ads to the target segments during other moments in user’s mobile journey.

  • Advocacy Moments

Customers are loyal to their particular need of the moment.  According to Google’s research, 65 percent of smartphone users revealed they search online and evaluate information that is immediately relevant to their particular need.

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