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Background / Objective:

Summer is the perfect timing to chill out with friends. Corona Hong Kong took the chance to promote “This Is Living” lifestyle through young audience enjoying chilled Corona. Whether is to strolling next to a beach with friends or simply enjoying a bottle alone while gazing at the sunset and lying in lush patch of green grass.

Trend-Driven Content Orchestrated the Game

The social feed bought audience’s attention by relating the campaign to trending topic such as the first day of iPhone 7 pre-ordering. Brand message blended into social content subtly by encouraging audience to take a moment to enjoy a chilled Corona for a stress-free living. This followed by engaging audience to participate in a trivia game with incentives, simply by “like and comment on the post” with friends tagging.

Increase Engagement Through Giveaway

Instead of building a regular Facebook feed campaign, giveaway is suggested to create a buzz around the brand and to drive greater audience engagement and interactions from the campaign. With a dozen of branded bottle lager as incentive, audience is highly driven to participate in the campaign and contributing to a prolific performance.

Count the Number of Corona in the Panorama Photo

The campaign utilized a 360 panorama photo to render audience in a panorama view relaxing on the lush green grass and enjoying a bottle of Corona. Audience were asked to find out the total number of Corona beer bottles lie on the meadow. Such experience highly resonated with Corona’s “This Is Living” campaign message and to entice audience with rewards by.

Ad Format:

Facebook Feed Panorama


Timable Facebook Page


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