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Arome - Matcha & Snowy Mooncake Promotion Campaign banner by Hotmob

Background / Objective:

This is the year of green tea, and Hong Kong’s Japan-inspired bakery chain Arome Hong Kong brings us Lava Matcha, Snowy Rabbit and Fuji Mooncake for celebrating this Mid-Autumn Festival! The tagline in the campaign – “Alice in the Moonlight” represents a popular Japanese actress, Alice Hirose dressed in a kimono enjoying the new mooncake. Classic, smooth and rich.


As in previous year, the campaign adopted Rich Media Interstitial format to engage users by instructing them to whisk Matcha green tea in a bowl with their finger, and prepare it for making the mooncakes. Such interaction aroused audience’s curiosity of perceiving how rich the product’s green tea flavour is.

Besides our Premium mobile advertising network, Hotmob invited two local influencers of Japanese culture – Helen To 杜如風 and 盤菜瑩子 to comment on Lava Matcha Mooncake in their Facebook photo feeds. Both praised Arome for getting down to the product’s ingredients, such as matcha Wakatake from Marukyu-Koyamaen and Hokkaido 3.6 milk, which makes audience know why it should be recommended to everyone. King Jer 娛樂台 and 喜愛日本 Like Japan, on the other hand, respectively promoted Snowy Mooncake Series in sense of humour and style in their pages, by showing how the adorable shapes of rabbit and Fuji mooncakes resonate with their abundant flavours in harmony.

Ad Format

Rich Media Interstitial, Facebook Photo Feed


Hong Kong Toolbar (iPhone, Android)

杜如風 Facebook Page

盤菜瑩子 Facebook Page

King Jer 娛樂台 Facebook Page

喜愛日本 Facebook Page


TURN (Creative Agency)

Hotmob (HTML Animation)


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