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Background / Objective:

To make new EOS M Series break into the market of mirrorless cameras, Canon Hong Kong utilise a theme “Real Power” to spotlight their new cameras’ strength among competitors in the campaign.

In this promotional video, Chisa Naito, a Japanese light flyweight winner, and Shawn Yue worked out to pursue their own perfection. Several scenes delineate how hard they work and sweat, and eventually Naito showed Shawn her excellence due to her small size and flexibility. It seems like an analogy that EOS M Series which perform its superiority as Naito in sharpness, stability, speed and even size over others.


First View Video Interstitial Network has been adopted to scatter the real power of Canon’s newly launched products thanks to its prime ad inventories and high viewability.

The recently released ad network curates advanced instant play feature grasping users’ attention once they see the video ads. It also guarantees Canon’s exquisite video 100 percent viewability as a mobile ad unit visible on the screen for at least 3 consecutive seconds.

Another key feature of Video First View Ad Network is its brand-safe environment that ensures Canon’s video ads to appear in mobile app or website ad placements with quality content, which sparks off appreciable targeting of local smartphone users. It fits well into the top 3 highlighted attributes of EOS M Series – sharp, stable and speed.

Ad Format

Instant Video Pop Up


Video First View Ad Network

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