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TAKE・EAT・EASY - Maxim’s MX Branding Campaign banner by Hotmob

Background / Objective:

Maxim’s MX launched their new branding campaign by spreading a viral video via Facebook channels. Highlighting identity synergy of Hong Kong people and MX,the video presents a kind of affection in a hilarious tone that MX and local people stand together through thick and thin in the journey, such as love affairs in teenage, work as an adult, and “blessed sorrow” at old age. “Take Eat Easy” is the core message to be conveyed that the dishes in MX offer you a little space to take a breathe amid bustle and hustle life.


Hotmob invited two local influencers – King Jer 娛樂台 and 廣告狂人 Madman Monologue to share the video feed on their page respectively, and both of them utilized their own languages well to deliver it in freestyle.

King Jer 娛樂台, a popular influencer in local entertainment industry, continued to array her humour and pettiness by criticising Hong Kong busy lifestyle, and recommended new food in the local restaurant as people’s “painkiller”. The feed ended with a call-to-action link directing audience to MX’s official page to join a takeaway game.

Another influencer in advertising aspect, 廣告狂人 Madman Monologue praised MX for greatly showing pronunciation attributes of Cantonese by playing on words in the video, such as the tag “Take Eat Easy”. The advertising influencer also made a trademark on this video feed by posting a stylish comment on the ad’s key visual.

Ad Format

Facebook Video Feed


King Jer 娛樂台 Facebook Page

廣告狂人 Madman Monologue Facebook Page


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