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Background / Objective:

“Ghost In The Shell”, a 1995 sci-fi anime movie remade on the big screen this year, drags audience into the cybernetic-riddled and chaotic world. Human-robot hybrid, enthralling cyborg transmutation, anti-cyberterrorism elites, and robust weapons…these elements are seamlessly in sync with the movie’s futuristic aesthetics.


In attempt of exploding visual excitement of the movie, an interactive ad format, HTML5 swipe-to-reveal Video Pop Up is adopted. Users can awaken the main character Major, by swiping its face with their finger on the screen, and thus unveil its real personality – cybernetic organism. After the interaction, the screen is bedspread by digital pixels that partly shroud interchanging process of Major, and then ends with displaying the series’ iconic reflecting triangle logo. This perfectly resonates the movie’s abstract, psychedelic and mysterious theme via the ad.

Ad Format



Eigaland 映画ランド (iPhone, Android)

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