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Hotmob Launches ALCANZAR: A Demand Side Platform With Brand-Protection Strategy In Place

Hotmob Launches ALCANZAR: A Demand Side Platform With Brand-Protection Strategy In Place

HONG KONG, April 21, 2017 – Hotmob, the leading mobile marketing company, today announced its safety-first demand side platform (DSP) with brand-protection strategy in place to safeguard advertisers’ brands from appearing next to unsafe content.

Programmatic media buying enable advertisers to source huge volumes of inventory from ad exchanges and networks to reach targeted audience globally. However some brands would find that their ads appear on questionable websites or next to unsafe content that could damage a brand’s reputation. According to a Media Quality Report in 2016 by Integral Ad Science (IAS), it is estimated that around 8% of all digital display advertising and 11% of digital video had the potential for brand risk.

Brand safety has always been an unresolved issue, as revealed last month by The Times newspaper that a number of major brands were advertised on extremist videos on YouTube. Brands such as Mark & Spencer and HSBC, along with media buying agencies like Havas UK reacted immediately by pulling out their ads from Google.

Hotmob CEO Johnny Wong responds to the issue, “We understand that brands are highly concerned about their ads showing next to inappropriate content. That is why Hotmob have brand-protection strategy in place with different levels of evaluation to assess the contents of website and apps served through ALCANZAR DSP. Advertisers can be assured that their ads are protected from unsafe content with appropriate measures.”

ALCANZAR is a safety-first Demand Side Platform (DSP) with a focus on providing advertisers quality inventory. It offers unique targeting features allowing advertisers to set specific targeting audience segment based on the user ID, location, time slot, device, contextual categories and more. Advertisers may also integrated their first-party data into Hotmob’s data management platform (DMP) to execute retargeting campaign and extend audience.

About Hotmob

Hotmob is the leading mobile marketing company that operates a hybrid mobile advertising marketplace to offer premium and performance-driven mobile advertising solutions, which are facilitated by proprietary advertising technologies and robust ad-serving platforms to meet the growing demand from businesses across Asia.

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