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Hotmob Customer Acquisition

Kick Start Your Prospecting Plan!

How to get more out of current customers...

and acquire more NEW customers?

Where to start off with?

Hotmob offers multiple channels to help advertisers acquire new customers. Prior to that, advertisers must first identify:

What audiences match your customer profile?

Which channels have your prospects come from?

Where do your prospects appear most often online?

Let's Create an Effective Plan for Prospecting

Action Plan

  1. Create a list of ideal prospects with Hotmob Audience Intelligence

  2. Select the right channels to reach these prospects

  3. Target these prospects with the right message

  4. Track their web behaviours and nurture them cross channels

Which Channels to Reach Prospects Effectively?

There is no single strategy that fits all business size or industries. The key is to identify the right prospects and choose the channels based on Audience Intelligence.

Audience Retargeting

Identify highly-qualified audiences based on their responses and retarget them with different marketing messages or ad creatives

Interactive Chatbots

Chatbots may run on website, social media pages and even on ads to acquire prospects by engaging them with conversational experience

Whatsapp for Business

Prospects can be developed by establishing a WhatsApp customer service tailored-made for your campaign, furthermore using it to extend customer loyalty

Social Media Engagement

Acquire new customers that match with your customer profiles and engage them on social media platforms

Targeted SMS

In some cases, SMS messages can be highly effective when searching for prospects. With SMS geofencing, advertisers can target prospects at a hyperlocal level.

Hotmob Customer Acquisition

Acquire new customers effectively using Hotmob Audience Intelligence and enable advertisers to reach prospects through the right marketing channels.

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Success Stories

In Searching for Frequent Travellers

A government tourism board looked for new customers who are frequent travellers in Southeast Asia. Our data team identified prospects by tracing the digital footprints from web search to its website and matching with audience profiles of Hotmob DMP which meet the…

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