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Hotmob Custom Audience

Attract Hyper-Targeted Customers to Increase Leads

Watch this video and learn to create Custom Audience in 3 simple steps.

Why Custom Audiences?

Pre-built audience segments make audience targeting easy but lack the specificity that is needed to develop to leads. When your target audience is “custom-made”, this will increase your chance of reaching hyper-targeted customers.

What could be achieved with Custom Audience?

With custom audience, advertisers can attract hyper-targeted customers who are more likely to make purchases

The more you know about the kinds of customer that respond to your ads, you can make adjustments to improve campaign targeting 

A hyper-targeted campaign can drive high-converting leads and enable marketers to build effective marketing plans

How to create Custom Audience?

Identify hyper-targeted customers

Identify hyper-targeted customers through multiple connected devices and digital footprints

Amplify hyper-targeted audience

Target multiple audience segments by interest, gender and age and even location

Optimize campaigns

Deliver ads to customers who respond to it and optimize campaign by retargeting to these customers

Store data

Store data and reuse for next campaigns

Hotmob Custom Audience

Custom audience enables advertisers to create highly-qualified audiences for hyper-targeting based on your business needs.

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Success Stories

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The travel OTA looked for new customers who are frequent travellers in Southeast Asia. Our data team identified prospects by tracing the digital footprints from web search to its website and matching with audience profiles of Hotmob DMP which meet the…

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