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A DSP Always Put Brand Safety at First

Driven by smart-bidding technology, Hotmob’s proprietary Alcanzar DSP offers a managed and brand safe advertising environment to extend the reach of advertiser’s campaign to its target audience.

How to Buy Audience Programmatically

Programmatic media buying is not hard science. Utilizing Alcanzar DSP to set up your target audience, ad groups and put in your budget, then you are ready to go!

Total User Profile

Advertiser can target and buy mobile audience based on gender, age range, income level, location, mobile platform and interests.

Rule-based Algorithms

Use machine learning to generate accurate predictions based on multiple rule-base and algorithm-base hypotheses

Mobile Device Reach

Reach more of advertiser’s target audience through a high network coverage of Hong Kong mobile device

Key Features

Smart Bidding Algorithms

Optimize audience buying using in-built predictive analytics and automated bidding services to achieve higher conversion at best possible price point.

Contextual Ranking

Power by proprietary AI technology to analyze the ranking of millions ad placements in apps and websites to ensure the right ads are delivered to targeted audience that are more relevant to your brand.

Brand Protection Strategy

Safeguard brands from appearing in unsafe environment through applying pre-bid and post-bid screening and using appropriate parameters to measure the site’s content.

Connected to Global Ad Exchanges

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