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Hotmob Audience Targeting

Reach potential customers effectively with pre-built audience segments

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Based on the advertiser’s current customer profiles, we help define the target audience’s gender, age range and interests to set up audience targeting segments

We help the advertiser to target and reach more of the alike customers with high conversion potential by offering them relevant ads that would appeal them

Precise audience targeting enables advertisers to

Reduce Wastage

Reduce Wastage

Expand Customer Base

Expand Customer Base

Calculating True Market Potential

Calculating True Market Potential

How to reach these potential customers?

Select Audience Segments Driven by A.I. Machine Learning

Our A.I. machine learning generated predictions based on 2,400 rule-base and 150 algorithm-base hypotheses, to offer advertiser targeting selection of 27 key audience segments and over 300 sub-audience segments.

Ads Delivered to Multiple Audience Targeting Groups

After selecting the audience segments, we will then create multiple audiences targeting groups to deliver ads across mobile app and web.

Campaign Performance Optimized and Generate Leads

Our programmatic team will perform campaign optimization based on each ad groups’ performance streamlining supply to drive efficiency at scale.

Hotmob Offers Precise Audience Targeting

Our audience targeting provides a highly effective solution for advertisers to reach more customers with high conversion potential. Talk to our team for demo or more details.

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Hotmob Updates

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